Ecommerce Designed to Simplify Selling Wine Online


Optimized for wine sales and built from listening to wineries.

Product Types

Create product types that allow you to easily categorize your products for reporting, discounting, and organization.

Standard Inventory Management

Easily track inventory that is depleted and replenished based on order actions. More advanced options are available if needed.

Pricing Options

Provide special pricing to club members or select members of a group. You may also create tiered and special offer pricing.

Marketing Options

Specify minimum and maximum thresholds, sell in incremental quantities and restrict products to groups or clubs.

Vintage/Bottle Size

Create a wine and then easily add new vintages and bottle sizes with unique SKUs under one product profile.

SKU Controls

Easily manage tax exemptions, non-discountable, COGs, shipping charge over-rides and handling fees.

Products by Sales Channels

Specify which products are available in Ecommerce, Wine Club and/or POS sales channels.


Organize where products show up on your website and POS with initiative categories.

Advanced Inventory & Sales Locations

Multiple Inventory Locations

Create multiple inventory locations to easily track stock.

Depletions By Sales Locations

Specify what inventory location stock is depleted from based on where sales are generated.

Multiple Sales Locations

Create multiple sales locations and track where orders are placed and what inventory location is used.

Adjustment Tracking and Logs

Track adjustments to inventory that are generated by an order or a manual adjustment.

Deplete Inventory by Order Type

Specify default inventory locations based on order types.

Deplete Inventory by Fulfillment Type

Specify default inventory locations based on whether items are being shipped.


Storefront & Cart

Secure Shopping

Each shopping experience is secured with SSL using your own domain. We also use a complete tokenization process to ensure your customer's data is as secure as possible, while limiting your liability as a merchant.

Responsive Design

Your customer’s shopping experience looks and works great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.


Create customized messages and incentives for customers. Present the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time!

Built-In Tax Rates

Integrated county-based tax rates are built into the system for effortless tax calculations or you can choose to customize rates at the state level. ShipCompliant integrated clients can also use their address level tax rates.


Provide easy to use filters for stores with large lists of products. This allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for based on search, wine types, varietals, appellations and more.

Discounts & Promotions

Easily create discounts and promotions that can trigger automatically or through promo codes. Discount options include free/fixed shipping, wine club, flat percentage and dollar amounts, group memberships, number of items in cart, total dollars in cart and more.

Cross Sell

Cross sell wines and products so when an item is viewed or added to a cart, the user is shown similar products.

Secure Categories

Create categories on your website that are only available to members of certain clubs or groups.


Shopping Cart 

Upsell & Automation


Create customized messages that are presented to your customers the website based on customer criteria or order details. Create a message and specify things like life time value, $x spent on wine in last x months, new customer, previous purchaser, club member, previously purchased specific products, number of items in cart, total $ amount in cart and much more.

Automated Rules

Create rules that run when actions occur such as orders being created, or memberships being assigned and then do specific actions. For example: you can set rules to check if a customer has spent more than $x in the last 12 months when an order is placed. If so, then add them to a customer group and send them a thank you email and notify the admin.

Upsell and automate 

Full Customization

Design Layouts

Web developers have the ability to update all aspects and layouts for products, categories, account area, cart and more.

Add Product Fields

Easily add new fields that can be populated when creating or updating products. This allows you to create a product that includes only the data and details you want to present to your customers.

Customizable products 

Checkout & Shipping

Integrated Shipping Carrier Rates

Get real-time negotiated rates with the ability to add additional fees as needed.

County-Based Tax Rates

Utilize our built-in county-based tax rates for effortless tax calculations or you can choose to customize rates at the state level. ShipCompliant integrated clients can also use their address level tax rates.

Gift Messages & Special Instructions

Allow your customers to add gift messages and special instructions to their order.

International Addresses

Enable international addresses to be used during checkout.

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