Modern & Customizable Club Experiences

You control the type of club experience you want to provide your members.

Membership Management

Enable your members to do more.

Member's Account

In the club member’s account section of your website, your members have access to update their preferences, submit notes, manage billing details and customize their shipments.

Administer Memberships

Easily track and update membership details, changes and customizations. Place members on hold, cancel memberships and move members from one club option to another.

One Club, Multiple Options

Rather than creating a different club for each available variation, simply create options within a club (i.e. wine types, frequency, quantity and discount level). After selecting a club, your customers then choose from these options.

Automatic Notifications

When a wine club member adds new billing details or makes other adjustments to his/her account, your wine club manager will receive an email containing details of the update.

Club Member Contact

Easily contact your club members via email. You create the list by specifying club option, shipping preferences, and other membership details. These segmentation tools can also be used to create custom web messages that are presented to wine club members based on their membership details.

Membership Benefits

Create special promotions, exclusive products, and membership only areas within your website. You can also track the number of items a club member has purchased within a certain date range and use that information to offer special incentives.


Customer Customization

Club Shipment Customization (Optional)

Allow your club members to easily update their shipments by signing into their account. These customizations are saved to the members shipment and updates are processed when the club shipment is processed. Examples of customizations include adding additional products, updating quantities, removing products from a shipment, change from shipping to pickup, use a different credit card for this shipment only, change the shipping address or requested shipping date.

Customization Rules

Specify rules that must be met in order for the customer to save a club customization. For example, you can set a minimum subtotal or bottle count or identify which wines can be added to or removed from a shipment and which cannot. You can also identify wines available for quantity adjustments or allow customers to select different shipping methods or dates.  

Track Customizations

When a customer updates their shipment, you will receive an email with the details. You can also easily sort club members in the shipment to see who has a customized shipment.

Backend Customization

You can also customize a club shipment for a wine club member through admin panel and club tool. Easily update quantities, prices, products, shipping preferences, billing details, notes and more.


Batch Process

Batch Processing

Quickly process hundreds of orders a minute.

Customized Orders

Customized orders are processed at the same time as your club shipment.

Email Notification

Once processing is complete, B360 will email the details of the batch, including number of declines, number of successful orders, and total value of each.


Decline Management

Automatic Updates at No Cost to You

Billing details are automatically updated as new cards, new card numbers, expiration date and other changes are made. This greatly reduces the amount of time you spend chasing down new credit card details. 

One Click Notification

Once you’re ready to notify a club member of a decline, you simply click a button and your customer will receive an email. You control the message and tone and can include the reason for the decline in the message. Once that member logs into his/her account and updates the credit card details, you’ll be notified via email. You can also elect to automatically process the payment once a member updates billing details.


Reporting & Analytics


Easily and quickly export all club members or filter down by membership options, shipping preferences, status and more.


Quickly see total membership counts, retention and attrition rates, top members, geographical data, top club SKU’s. These stats can be filtered by club, status, options, preferences, and more.