Customer & Club Membership Management

Customer Details

See all customer details from within the POS. At a quick glance you’ll see lifetime value, total wine sales, group and club memberships. Click into the account to view or update addresses, billing details, order history, contacts, and notes.

Club Memberships

Add new club members directly through the POS. Administer current memberships and manage things like address updates, billing details, shipping preferences and more through the member’s record in the POS.

POS Notes

With our POS, you can present messages and notes to sales associates when a customer record is looked up. This feature gives you the ability to notify staff members of VIP guests, red flags, and other important details about a specific guest.

Declined and Pickup Orders

If a customer has either a declined club order or a pickup available, your staff member will be prompted to add a payment to the declined order or process the pickup order, have the customer sign to acknowledge receipt, and mark it as complete. 

Custom Group Pricing

All special pricing and discounting flows through to the POS.

Notes and Special Instructions

Easily add notes and special instructions to orders that are passed along to shipment manager or your fulfillment center.

Quick Search

Quickly find customers by name, email, or account ID.

Point of Sale  

Order Processing

Multiple Inventory Locations

Manage inventory depletions by sales location, fulfillment type, type of order and more.

Non-SKU Items

Ability to create a non-SKU item. Simply enter a price and an optional note for the product.

Multiple Payment Types

Cash, credit card present, card on file, check, offline payment, split tenders, and gift certificate.

Split Tenders

Split a payment into multiple tenders and process each individual tender with any type of payment. Split tenders are recorded on receipts and in order records.

Order Attributes

Specify order sources, sales associates, sales locations, order notes, gift notes, special instructions, product notes and more. All attributes can then be reported on.

On Hold Orders

Start orders and then place them on hold to be able to continue to add products and pay later.

Order History

Easily pull up a customer’s entire order history. View order details, issue refunds/returns/voids, or print/email historical order receipts directly from the POS. You can also pull up declined orders and add a payment directly to the order through the POS.

Price Adjustments and On the Fly Discounts

Adjust the price of a product or apply a dollar or percentage discount to the cart on the fly.

Discounts & Group Prices

Discounts and group pricing or tiered pricing levels that are setup in the backend of your truvi account are automatically triggered in the POS.

Tipping (Optional)

Enable our tipping features for a seamless user experience. The customer can select a pre-set tip amount or enter a tip amount and sign for the order on the same screen.

Refunds & Returns

Issue same day refunds and voids directly within the POS. Easily specify whether items are being returned to inventory or simply refunded.

Customer Lookup 

Mobile & Desktop


Create a seamless mobile checkout experience for iPad or tablet. Our POS can be used as your primary POS or as a way to break up lines. Taking the device to the customer provides a more modern experience than having them wait in a line or take their credit card from them.


For a more traditional experience, you can use any desktop or laptop to connect to our online POS.

Point of Sale 

Upsell Management


Create messages that are presented to staff members in the POS based on customer criteria or order details. Add a message and specify things like lifetime value ranges, $x spend on wine in last x months, new customer, previous purchaser, club member, previously bought a specific product, number of items in a cart, total $ amount in cart and much more. This enables your staff to present opportunities to generate a larger sale.

Point of Sale 

Pickup & Decline Management

Pickup Orders

When a staff member looks up a customer account, he/she will be notified with details of any orders awaiting pickup. The staff member can fulfill the order and then mark the order as picked up. Once that’s done, the customer will be prompted to sign, verifying receipt of the shipment. In addition, a pickup order can be looked up using a confirmation code or an order ID.

Declined Orders

When a customer record is looked up, if there are declined orders on the account, your staff will be prompted. The staff member can then optionally add a payment to the previously declined order using the different payment types that are available.

Point of Sale 

Reports & Settings


Run daily sales reports, orders by date, and an end of day summary report from the POS. These can also be run based on sales location.


Specify whether you want to enable the lockout screen, timeouts, allow tipping and what each POS user’s default product category and sales location will be set to.

Point of Sale