Shipment Manager

Connect to shipping carriers and create and manage shipments with ease.

Shipping Carriers

Get real-time negotiated shipping rates, create shipments and print shipment labels.








Shipment Management

Create Shipments

Create shipments with shipping carriers, generate tracking numbers and print packing slips and shipping labels directly in B360.

Track Shipments

Once they’re picked up by the carrier, you’ll see the status and history of your shipments in the B360 admin panel.

Ship Individual Line Items

Create shipments using individual items in an order. Ship some items now and others, such as Future products, later.

Schedule Shipments

Schedule items for shipment. This feature allows you to pick and pack items before generating a shipment with the carrier.

Consolidate from Multiple Orders

Create a shipment that contains items from multiple orders. B360 will automatically determine the appropriate shipping container and create the most cost-effective shipment possible. If a club member would like to include an ecommerce order with an upcoming club shipment, you can easily consolidate those into a single shipment and save your customer money in shipping fees.

Email Notifications

Send emails to customers with details of their shipment, tracking details and overall order information. If splitting an order, the notification will only include the details of that shipment. B360 logs each email in the shipment and customer record so that you can view the entire history.

Notes & Special Instructions

Add internal and customer facing notes and instructions. These can be added on a shipment or order basis.

Adjust Shipping Services

Quickly and easily adjust a shipping service for a shipment.

Address Validation

Ensures your shipments are being sent to the right address and helps you avoid costly address correction fees.

Pre-Packed Shipments

Add a rack number to a previously staged and packed shipment so it can easily be found during a batch.

Batch Process Shipments, Labels and More

Create batch shipments, print labels, print packing slips, print pick lists and more. If an address is used across multiple orders, B360 will automatically consolidate those orders into a single shipment using the most cost-effective packaging method.

Update Status

Update status such as weather holds, future shipments, non-compliant and more.

Compliance Checks

Checks and commits compliance at the time the shipment is processed.

Multiple Emails

Add multiple email contacts to a shipment.